Saturday, April 21, 2007

an update on eggnog

our pet chicken eggnog is a trooper. about a week ago on the way to school i accidentally backed over her with a thump thump thump and a horrible feeling in my stomach. we were already late and she shook her head a few times like she was trying to shake it off and i said to our ten year old who obviously had something in his eye, "i think she's ok -- she's walking away." to which he angrily retorted, "even if you cut their heads off they still run around for a little bit" i said nothing, because that was my gut feeling. we watched her walk off to what i thought would be her end. but a few long days later, we saw her from the kitchen window slowly crossing the yard (she usually runs everywhere, cutting off the dog, who always gentlemanly lets her go first) and my son ran out with food, telling me in all seriousness, "i'll tell her you're sorry." after a few more days she was her usual chipper self and was even caught laying eggs (we thought she was in chicken menopause) so all is well and i'm sure the matter won't come up again until a group family therapy session a decade from now.


  1. That is one tough chick! I like it! Glad to hear that she's OK!

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    ROFL!! This is just hilarious! You have such a good way of telling the story Michelle.


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