Saturday, April 21, 2007

a timmy/starbucks split

today started with the usual saturday breakfast meeting at tim hortons -- family tradition. i have to admit i'm split on the take-out coffee between timmy's and starbucks (but learned not to say so after telling a trucker in line at TH a few saturdays ago about my equal affinity for starbucks -- if he could have politely spit in line, he would have) the vibes of the two are different, but both enjoyable and i go to each at least once a week. starbucks is by far the superior venue for writing (less clatter, more background hum), but when family and cinnamon raisin bagels dripping with butter call my name, i'm at TH.

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  1. I like both too...depends on my mood! If I'm in a hurry, then I go to Timmy's and order the Hazlenut steamer. If I'm meeting a friend for coffee, then I prefer the atmosphere at Starbucks for kicking back to catch up on gossip, and order the White Mocha Latte, low fat, no whip! But if it's a donut call....Tim Hortons hands down!!!!


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