Thursday, February 15, 2007

real life valentines

Here's what Valentine's Day is like for a practical computer guy and his writer wife. He comes home with a new flash drive for her to store her next book on. She finds that romantic despite the fact that it is wrapped in a Mike's Computer Shop bag and not tissue paper and gift wrap. She saves all her valentine's energy for their tenth anniversary the following week (read: writing all day, forgets to even get or make a card) he makes a fabulous pork chop dinner with a recipe he finds on the internet while she does more writing. They sneak in a few kisses around the boys' usual "ew gross"They sit down to a family dinner (read: 3 boys under 9 to accompany them -- one of whom (the 2 year old) spills chocolate milk all over himself and needs to be stripped down halfway through dinner) It's proof that one does not need all the trapping of a hallmark card holiday to have a happy valentine's day (of course, it didn't hurt that her friend rebecca stopped by later with ruffled tulips for coffee)

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