Thursday, January 11, 2007

a selection from chapter 15 (i think)

The room was small and red and reminded Natalie of a large fireplace. Not in a freakishly scary sort of way, but in a let’s get together and cuddle all night vibe. It certainly looked like that’s what Paul and his girlfriend were going to do. She had already forgotten the girl’s name. Suzie or something equally made up. It wasn’t that Americanizing one’s name was wrong, but shouldn’t one wait until the new country to do it? Suzie had a long mane of what looked like from the roots formerly beautiful brunette hair, which she had covered with a ridiculous flaming red. Her curvy body was wrapped tight in a cowgirl get-up like one might see on a fraternity wall in Texas. Natalie swore that if she broke into a fake southern drawl she was going to run. Instead she had a barking laugh which erupted a lot and seemed to embarrass Paul. At least she had a good sense of humor, Natalie thought as she drained the last of the mimosa she had been served at the door. Pedro had them all in stitches. Natalie scanned the room in boredom taking in a wilting plant, a stack of fanned records on the bed, and a full ashtray on a precariously tippy looking metal tv tray. She had heard his jokes before. He always seemed to forget which ones he had told already. To be fair to him, she thought, it was probably more the fault of them spending every waking moment together. No one else seemed to have heard them before. It was Friday and Natalie felt exhausted thinking of tomorrow as a work day. What a party pooper. She knew she was, but she felt about twice her age, yes, fifty in this stuffy, in this cheerful little room. And Suzie’s perfume was giving her a headache.

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