Wednesday, December 21, 2005

excerpt 3 from mother mexico

They drove until night closed in and Carl stopped at a sprawling mansion turned hotel – their most gracious resting-place in days. Their exodus had been punctuated with sleeping in the car up till this point. Walking in, Natalie felt like her grime screamed of desperados on the run. She didn’t feel her body unclench until she was safely past the intimidating lofty foyer ceiling and through their suite’s oversized doors and into the bath the smiling maid had drawn. The scented water soothed her back to the first feeling of normalcy since her life had exploded a week earlier. She was still convinced of the stupidity of living the high life right when Juno's people would be trying to trace where the money went, but she was thankful for a night of comfort. She knew once they settled into a permanent residence they would not be living on any kind of a grand scale. Wrapped in a plush cotton robe, she watched Carl whirl Baby Thomas around the room until he tired with the heavy headed droop that babies do as they settle into respite from exhaustion. She looked out the window at the misplaced green grounds below that were cooling under the setting sun. Carl laid the baby on one of the rooms’ queen sized beds and sat down at the small table for two. He motioned her over with his slow smile. He pulled a bottle of rye the American owners had left for them on the small bar’s shelf. Pouring a rye and coke for himself and giving the room’s lone bottled water to her, he patted the chair beside him. Natalie obliged and drank her tepid water in silence. The absence of small talk was the lone place where their suitability for one another took residence. Natalie tried not to make any sudden movements and was aware of her breathing in and out of her nose. She tried to get her neck to unhinge from its stiff position to turn to look at him, but it would not. She wished on a morning that would come without the night that preceded it.


  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    bumichelle, you are a gifted writer! your work is very descriptive - I feel as if I'm really there! keep up the great work! can't wait to read the book

  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Michelle, Once again I am startled by the sense and suspense of being right there as I read this excerpt. The things left unsaid hook me as a reader to wanting to know what they refer to and wanting the entire book to read. Your writing is really exceptional in that it provokes such a powerful mixture of thoughts, vivid mental images, insights into relationships and their complexities and subtleties, the simple joys and profound fears of life. Great stuff! ldm


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